About Us

Dental Practice Support Organization

Our Mission

Jubilant works to provide business management and dental practice support so that doctors and clinical team members can focus on achieving better care for patients.

Jubilant Dental Partners is dedicated to fostering patient relationships, empowering our team members, and growing as a strong community partner. We work with our doctors to develop and implement systems and habits, measure results, and revise our proven Practice Management Systems. Our leadership team has seen thousands of practices and consulted hundreds of dentists on practice management.

Our Approach

Jubilant recognizes the positive effects of our industry’s trend towards rapid consolidation, including increasing access to care, adaptation of technology, job growth, and education on the importance of oral health. However, the transition to overextended corporate management often comes with negative side effects such as loss of clinical care, putting profits before patients, and lack of doctor autonomy.

We believe that every patient deserves an experience that encompasses both modern professionalism and personalized care. Jubilant is able to provide both by using the advantages of a scaling business, while providing our doctors a high level of autonomy and encouraging focus on patient care and experience.